Kubernetes in Microservices World

Handling large software which has multiple services is a tedious, time-consuming task for DevOps engineer. Microservices comes into the rescue DevOps from all these complicated deploy...

In devops, Feb 02, 2019

Commonly Used Docker Commands

In this post, we are looking into some commonly used docker commands.

In devops, Jan 28, 2019


Git Merge vs Rebase

When you are using git, most probably you may used git merge or git rebase to combine two branches. Pretty much both of these commands do the same thing. But people select either of t...

In git, Feb 03, 2019


Weird Programming Languages That You May Have Not Heard

There are thousands of programming languages are invented and only about hundred of programming languages are commonly used to build software. Among this thousands of programming lang...

In programming, Feb 04, 2019