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Secure your WSO2 Microintegrator

WSO2 Microintegrator is an integration solution that is widely used in enterprise integration. You can use MI(For short let’s use Microintegrator as MI) to implement mediation policie...

In Programming, Jun 13, 2022

Developing Ballerina project with Ballerina CLI tool

Ballerina is the latest programming language release of the 1.0 version in September of this year. Ballerina is a general purpose programming language particularly intended for the im...

In Programming, Oct 09, 2019

File and Folder Comparison Tools for Software Developers

If you are a software developer, you would typically use file comparison tools to compare two files. This is a common requirement for developers to deal with a lot of files such as co...

In Tools, Oct 05, 2019

First glimpse of Ballerina language: Language of Integration

Ballerina is the latest programming language released on September 10th of this year. There are more than a thousand programming languages out there. Why do you need another programmi...

In Programming, Sep 11, 2019

Introduction to the Envoy Proxy Load Balancing

For a devops engineer, load balancing is a popular word. You need to figure out a way to scale the system so that it can manage it correctly when enormous traffic enters your system. ...

In devops, Jun 27, 2019

Draw image on Github contribution graph

Did you see the Git contribution graph of my Github account at 2016. Check this out here. It print my name. This blog post is to tell you how I did it along with some underlying Git c...

In programming, Jun 16, 2019

Transparent Data Encryption for Databases

The database is the heart of handling data in a software application. Unless it is not an in-memory database, the database stores data on the disk as a file. Your application may be r...

In cryptography, Jun 07, 2019

How Database B-tree Indexing works

When we think about the performance of a database, indexing is the first thing that comes to the mind. Here, we are going to look into how database indexing works on a database. Pleas...

In database, May 01, 2019

Weird Programming Languages That You May Have Not Heard

There are thousands of programming languages are invented and only about hundred of programming languages are commonly used to build software. Among this thousands of programming lang...

In programming, Feb 04, 2019

Git Merge vs Rebase

When you are using git, most probably you may used git merge or git rebase to combine two branches. Pretty much both of these commands do the same thing. But people select either of t...

In git, Feb 03, 2019

Kubernetes in Microservices World

Handling large software which has multiple services is a tedious, time-consuming task for DevOps engineer. Microservices comes into the rescue DevOps from all these complicated deploy...

In devops, Feb 02, 2019

Deploy Your First Application in Docker Swarm

In this post we will go through the basic concept of the Docker Swarm and have some hands on experience of deploying application on Docker Swarm. You need to have basic knowledge abou...

In devops, Feb 01, 2019

Introduction to The Docker Life Cycle

Maintaining a large software application is not that easy task since it may have lots of dependencies and OS related configurations. What if you can create an OS image which already c...

In devops, Jan 30, 2019

SQLite Database Internal Architecture

In a computer program, the database is the heart of handling data. It provides an efficient way of storing and retrieving data fast. Learning Database internal architecture in code le...

In database, Jan 29, 2019

Commonly Used Docker Commands

In this post, we are looking into some commonly used docker commands.

In devops, Jan 28, 2019